About CreativeJunkFood - Creative JunkFood
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About CreativeJunkFood

What We Do and Who We Are

Our Ingredients

CreativeJunkFood is a multimedia creative studio focused on making big ideas easy to digest for audiences using a mix of design-driven services.


We’re influenced by art. We love projects that matter. We dig collaboration.


Got a story to tell? Is your campaign in need of some creative juice? Are you ready to drench your audience in visual goodness? Contact us today!

Our Services

Animation & Film

Whether it's a music video, a marketing campaign, or a commercial, we know how to bring your content to life. At CreativeJunkFood, we take pride in telling your story with unique and effective visuals.

Graphic Design & Branding

We know that first impressions matter. Creativity can be the differentiator between you and your competition. CreativeJunkFood has over 15 years of combined experience in graphic design and branding. Let us work our magic on your brand.

Murals + Art Installations

We create murals and public art for indoor and outdoor spaces. We produce memorable interactive art installations for every occasion. Whether your organization is large or small, we've got a solution that fits.

Our Team



Candice Taylor

Candice is a co-founder of CreativeJunkFood. A graduate of VCU, she received her BFA in Communication Arts with a concentration in design and media. Boasting over 14 years of professional design, animation, and branding experience, she is known to mix it up and has a tenacity for breaking barriers.



Nabeeh “Nabi” Bilal

Nabeeh (Nabi) is a co-founder of CreativeJunkFood with more than 12 years of experience in graphic & interactive design and animation along with over 10 years of experience in web design and web development. He received his BFA from Temple University with a concentration in Graphic & Interactive Design.



Thomas Mobley

Thomas is a cinematography consultant for CreativeJunkFood. He has over 10 years of experience in film, video editing, and photography. He received his BFA and MFA from Full Sail University with a concentration in film and business. Thomas loves photography and directing and is always camera-ready.

UX/UI Expert

Marie Claire Andrea

Marie Claire Andrea is a native Washingtonian UX/UI designer who is passionate about creating tools, experiences, and stories which empower people and help business thrive! She has over 10 years of international digital media experience. Recently she was awarded the DCFemTech 2019 and AIGA National Emerging Voices Feature 2018.

Motion Graphics Designer

Tom McGuigan

Tom McGuigan is versatile a motion graphics artist with over ten year of experience working with financial institutions, advertising agencies, and most recently, the NFL. He is a graduate of Temple University where he earned his degree in Graphic & Interactive Design.


Keith Allen

Keith Allen, Jr. is an emerging multimedia artist residing in Bowie, Maryland. His skill set includes graphic design, animation, and cinematography/editing. He is currently enrolled at Bowie State University (BSU), studying to receive his BFA as a Visual Communication and Digital Media Arts major.


Jarrin Jacobs

Jarrin is an emerging illustrator, Story Artist, and Animator from Baltimore, Maryland. Her responsibilities include work within editorial, pre-production, and visual storytelling. She is currently enrolled in Maryland College of Art and Design (MICA).