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UMD: Prevention #1

About This Project

We were commissioned by the University of Maryland to create a series of animated videos for campaign focusing on prevention and intervention when tough situations occur. We worked with the University staff to develop the script, create the characters, record the voice overs, and create the animation.

In this scenario, we encounter two friends who are roommates. One of the roommates may have experienced rape the other night, so her friend offers to help her determine what happened by going with her to C.A.R.E for help and assistance.

What we did:

Script development, character design and development, animation, storyboarding, audio recording, music selection.


A Taste of Creativity

Twitter JunkFeed

@Cre8iveJunkFoodFeb 19
Part 2 of our animation series for the "The SpeakEasy" warehouse pop up.
@Cre8iveJunkFoodOct 09
Our Animation for Shaw Main Streets: #loveShaw
@Cre8iveJunkFoodMay 05
@Lavarbigballer @ZO2_ one liners for your shoe: "Put your Ball's on!" ..."don't take your Ball's off!" ..."Ball's ...get a pair!"